RECIPE: Encurtido Ricky will spice up your life

Encurtido is a pickled onion relish dish that is served throughout Latin America. When refrigeration is absent this tabletop jar of onions and vinegar will enhance whatever mystery food you find that is served. It has many different names in rural and urban settings.  As a table condiment on a wayside village, at a local restaurant or in a fine hotel you will see it. In Latin and South America, this is like Catsup, a great equalizer.           Ingredients:      3 medium-sized red onions 2 Tbsp. of coarse salt 2 oz.  Jalapeno peppers      2 oz. Cilantro …

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It was mostly “FREE” $$$

Sonoma County is wine country. Relax and have some fun. We take this stuff for granted. The area offers so many great events and music venues. It is often singularly fun because of the atmosphere and the setting are special and mostly the price… FREE. Picture this: Pack a snack on a warm summer night and blankets to spread out on the lawn. Pull out special treats of artisan bread and cheese, three bean salads, and hand-picked wines. Bringing a comfortable low back chair is just common sense. Now add a little “Je ne sais quoi” and you have it. …

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